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experience handles obstacles and combines the best components

the development is in a permant process and will never end

with f u t u r e d e s k 30 years of high technology give you the tomorrow today


the ever ongoing optimization of working processes is one of the primary targets of f u t u r e d e s k  to their customers

the virtual working environment has to be optimized for the continuously rising challenges

f u t u r e d e s k  creates individual solutions for their customers


soft- and hardware should'nt  soft- und hardware sollten nicht in konkurrenz, sondern in fließender verbindung stehen 

f u t u r e d e s k  has posed itself the task to develop the best working environment for the single user and for the team independent of wich brand and OS you use

v i r t u a l o f f i c e  is the futures workingplace
f u t u r e d e s k  supports you at solving your daily problems


solutions are the recipe of success of
f u t u r e d e s k

in close consultation with the customer the posed requirements get investigated and the most efficient solution gets created

f u t u r e d e s k offers independent of the used application a wide service spectrum, first class system competence and support in every concern

we offer:

cloud computing

  • infrastrucure
  • platform
  • application

software virtualization

generation of virtual operating environments

  • OS operating system virtualization using container
  • system virtualization using virtual machine monitor
  • hardware emulation
  • hardware virtualization
  • para-virtualization
  • application virtualization

hardware virtualization

  • system-level virtualization on hardware
  • partitioning
  • domaining
  • processor virtualization
  • storage virtualization

virtual network

  • system-level virtualization on hardware

virtualization solution

commercial virtualization solution

  • VMware
  • VMware ESXI
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

freie virtualisierungslösungen

  • Xen
  • VirtualBox
  • QEM

more services

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your workplace needs fresh ideas!

we optimize your resources and reduce your error sources




kontakt / contact

günther j. bieniek

+49 3322 2121231

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comprehensive solutions for highest requirements