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information technology


virtual office


virtual office stands out for its function to let the user access his workstation from anywere he wants

VO gets increasingly used by the customer and the conversion is done quickly


cloud computing


we have experience in cloud computing and virtualization of over 10 years

use the advantage of cloud solutions
resource allocation and optimization makes the individual a strong team known as poolingeffect


research & experiment


the testing of the latest technical development in  hard and software environments has highest priority

conflicts between the different applications have to be removed from the beginning on as in a gear the different components have to work together and complement each other

as target we have set to improve the working environment and the saving of resource


the key to sucess

the success is guaranteed, if the user is ready to understand the advantages of virtual office and cloud computing

services can be varied and changed in a short term to the actual demands - that also applies to volatile business parts, in which there is a permanent exchange between different locations,
a timely response is required and a continuous availability, the capacity requirement is needed for execution

the power comes through the collective use of he merged resources - the control of resources is centralized

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günther j. bieniek

+49 3322 2121231

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